Electric Motors For Sailboats

Electric Motor Replacements for Diesel Engines up to 30 HP

Since 2020, Newport Electric Boats has been making electric propulsion systems that are practical and affordable, and ideal for sailboats.

They are totally clean, simple to install, and have battery options for day sailing, weekend cruising, and longer journeys. Our cockpit computer provides you with a detailed status of the system, so you're always up to date with power usage, and remaining run-time estimates.

Our warranty covers everything we sell, and we know that your success is our success.

Key features of our inboard electric motors:

Electric Inboard Motor

Safety and ease of installation are two key features of our system.

The motor fits into sailboats in the exact same space as the original diesel. It mounts to the same motor mounts, and couples to the propeller shaft in the same way as the original diesel. This simplifies the installation and is familiar to anyone accustomed to working with boats.

Our entire system has been designed specifically to provide a straightforward path for migrating sailboats that were originally equipped with a diesel engine between 20 to 30 HP, to transition to electric propulsion.

All Newport systems use "safe to touch" battery voltages. 

Power efficiency and performance are two other key features of our system.

We use an AC induction motor to maximize energy efficiency. Our motor incorporates a specialized gearbox engineered to provide safe and reliable torque conversion between the motor and propeller. This allows the electric motor to run at optimal speeds while keeping the propeller in the RPM range best suited for pushing the boat.

The battery pack BMS, the motor controller, and the battery charger all communicate to a dedicated display. Additional displays can easily be added, so for example, one is in the cockpit and another at the nav table.

Among other things, the display will always show:

  • Time To Discharge (TTD)
  • Motor RPM
  • Battery State of Charge (SoC)
  • Current (amps) in/out of the battery pack
  • Temperatures: motor, controller, battery


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