Harnessing the Power of the Sun to Drive a Sustainable Future in Marine Recreation

Harnessing the Power of the Sun to Drive a Sustainable Future in Marine Recreation

At Newport Electric Boats, we believe the journey towards a sustainable marine environment is like navigating the open seas: it requires vision, determination, and an understanding of the elements.

As we sail into our third year of operation, we’re proud of our flagship product, the Newport-25, a 25 kW electric motor. Designed to match the footprint and mechanical interface of common marine diesel engines, such as the Yanmar 20 and 30 HP engines, it’s our answer to sailboat owners looking to re-power to a cleaner and quieter recreational boating experience. However, we’re not just about replacing diesel engines; we’re about building an ecosystem of sustainable solutions.

Avalon – Catalina Island

We’ve been excited to share our vision for SOLARIS, the Sustainable Offshore Landing and Recharging Infrastructure Solution. SOLARIS is a modular, floating, solar-powered dock system designed to provide standard AC power to boats, and it can work in both off-grid and grid-tied scenarios. It’s an idea borne from our commitment to sustainability and our understanding of the marine environment. Imagine docking at an island marina, your boat recharging from the clean power provided by a SOLARIS dock, the tranquility of the island environment without the noise or pollution of generators.

At Newport Electric Boats, we understand that the scale of the marine environment is vast, and electric propulsion has a select set of applications at this time. We also believe in the power of small, commercial successes that can be scaled up. We’re focusing on recreational applications where BEV technology can start making an immediate impact.

As we navigate this voyage, we’re seeking to build up our team. We’re looking for investment partners who share our vision, and the key personnel who can make significant contributions to our business development, engineering, and other key roles. Our founder, a seasoned software and systems engineer, lifelong sailor, and entrepreneur, has laid a strong foundation for the company. We’re poised for growth, and we’re looking for those who are ready to move forward to a sustainable marine future.

At Newport Electric Boats, we believe that with the right crew and the power of the sun, the possibilities are as endless as the ocean itself. Join us as we chart a course towards a sustainable future in marine recreation.

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Walt White

Founder and systems engineer, working to bring products to market that are best in class and make a positive impact on the marine environment. Our products help sailboats transition to battery powered electric propulsion. We design, manufacture and sell electric propulsion systems for sailboats.

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