Advantages of Electric Propulsion for Sailboats

By Walt White | Jan 30, 2023

What are of the main advantages of electric motors in sailboats? Electric motors in sailboats offer several advantages, including: 1. improved efficiency 2. silent operation 3. ease of use 4. low maintenance 5. improved maneuverability 6. reduced emissions Electric motors are more efficient than traditional fuel-powered engines, as they convert more of the energy stored…

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battery layout options in pack design

Considering Tesla’s 4680 Gen-2 Cell in a Low-Voltage Battery Pack for Sailboats

By Walt White | Sep 11, 2022

Figure 1 – TESLA 4680 and CAM72 Cell Arrangements in a “48V” Pack After Tesla’s internal needs are being met for its new 4680 battery cells, they will begin offering these cells to other OEMs, who will develop new battery packs and incorporate them into their own products. This is interesting to me since my…

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Lithium LiFePO4 vs Lead-Acid Battery Packs, for Propulsion of Electric Sailboats

By Walt White | Aug 22, 2022

The question comes up sometimes, when people are considering various battery options for electric propulsion on their sailboat. There is a ton on quality information out there about the pros and cons of Lithium batteries vs their heavier and more expensive predecessor, Lead-Acid batteries.  However, much less is said about the topic when considering batteries…

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Power and Range Estimates H33

Battery Size and Range Calculations for 33′ Electric Sailboat

By Walt White | Aug 8, 2022

One common question I hear when talking about repowering sailboats to electric, is “what kind of range can I expect using just the motor, for moving around without using the sails?” The answer to this question is probably most easily understood by just walking through an example from our very typical 33’ sailboat we use…

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Sailboat Solar Panels and Starlink Antenna

Catalina Island for Three Days and Two Nights with New Starlink Receiver on our 33′ Electric Sailboat

By Walt White | Jul 26, 2022

We recently added Solar Panels to the NEB Hunter 33 Showboat and Test Vessel, along with a Starlink internet receiver, and a new set of SLA house batteries. WOW, now we’re Sailing Electric in style! After making these upgrades, we took the boat out for a three day, two night trip to Avalon, the largest…

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Example Speed Power Relationship Graph

Speed, Range and Power Relationships for Electric Sailing…

By Walt White | Jul 13, 2022

In a recent discussion with someone considering an electric drive system for his sailboat, I was explaining some of the relationships between speed, power, and range.  The amount of power needed to push the boat at a given speed has a cubic, or third order, relationship (at the speeds we’re talking about for sailing). I’ll…

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Electric Propulsion System Battery Modules

Our Modular Battery Packs Enable a Scalable Electric Propulsion System

By Walt White | Jun 24, 2022

We know that electric propulsion systems on sailboats eliminates fossil fuel emissions, and reduces noise pollution (both above and below the water). We also know that an electric propulsion system can cost a little more up front, but over the life of the system there are major savings to be had. Let’s consider the battery…

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NEB-25 Motor Alignment in the Sailboat

By Walt White | Jun 15, 2022

Another nice feature of the motor frame on the NEB-25 Inboard Electric Motor, is its ability to be precisely positioned and adjusted to the alignment of the propeller shaft, during the motor alignment stage of its installation. This alignment feature was added to the motor frame in the Q2-2022 version of the motor. The mechanics…

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Continuous Improvements – Wiring

By Walt White | May 23, 2022

Over the course of developing our electric sailboat propulsion system, numerous design changes and improvements have been developed, tested, and incorporated into the baseline design. Looking back, we’ve gone though some significant updates of the motor frame, the gear box, the battery pack, and the cockpit computer.  Lots of software updates for the cockpit computer!…

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