Changing our mindset on EV sailing – how to reduce ‘range anxiety’

By Walt White | Dec 6, 2021

When a sailboat uses electric propulsion, battery recharging needs to be factored into the journey. How often is recharging needed, is probably the most common question asked by sailors who currently have a diesel engine, and are considering converting to electric propulsion. The answer is, it depends on how you use the motor. Many sailing…

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Choose Electric – The Best Propulsion System for a Sailboat

By Walt White | Dec 3, 2021

Electrification of sailboat propulsion systems is a trend that we’ll see continue to grow rapidly over the years to come, and it is occurring for several reasons. The advancement and prevalence of high-quality, safe, and energy dense batteries is a technical reason that now makes electric propulsion practical. Electric propulsion also just provides a better…

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Converting our Test Vessel to Electric Propulsion

By Walt White | Aug 5, 2021

This Hunter 33 sailboat was our first vessel to receive a NEB-25 electric propulsion system.  The whole process was relatively simple.  The old diesel engine was disconnected and lifted out at a shipyard using their crane, and then the crane lowered in the new NEB-25 motor and its 10 kWh battery pack into the vessel.…

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