NEB-25 Motor Alignment in the Sailboat

By Walt White | Jun 15, 2022

Another nice feature of the motor frame on the NEB-25 Inboard Electric Motor, is its ability to be precisely positioned and adjusted to the alignment of the propeller shaft, during the motor alignment stage of its installation. This alignment feature was added to the motor frame in the Q2-2022 version of the motor. The mechanics…

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Continuous Improvements – Wiring

By Walt White | May 23, 2022

Over the course of developing our electric sailboat propulsion system, numerous design changes and improvements have been developed, tested, and incorporated into the baseline design. Looking back, we’ve gone though some significant updates of the motor frame, the gear box, the battery pack, and the cockpit computer.  Lots of software updates for the cockpit computer!…

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New Map Feature added on EVMS

By Walt White | Apr 27, 2022

On Saturday, April 23rd 2022 in Southern California, it was a perfect day for sailing. The wind picked up around noon, and maintained between 7-12 Kts, according to Predict Wind ®, my favorite wind monitoring iPhone App. A friend and I left Long Beach, Alamitos Bay in the morning, and we motored out of the…

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Changing our mindset on EV sailing – how to reduce ‘range anxiety’

By Walt White | Dec 6, 2021

When a sailboat uses electric propulsion, battery recharging needs to be factored into the journey. How often is recharging needed, is probably the most common question asked by sailors who currently have a diesel engine, and are considering converting to electric propulsion. The answer is, it depends on how you use the motor. Many sailing…

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Choose Electric – The Best Propulsion System for a Sailboat

By Walt White | Dec 3, 2021

Electrification of sailboat propulsion systems is a trend that we’ll see continue to grow rapidly over the years to come, and it is occurring for several reasons. The advancement and prevalence of high-quality, safe, and energy dense batteries is a technical reason that now makes electric propulsion practical. Electric propulsion also just provides a better…

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Converting our Test Vessel to Electric Propulsion

By Walt White | Aug 5, 2021

This Hunter 33 sailboat was our first vessel to receive a NEB-25 electric propulsion system.  The whole process was relatively simple.  The old diesel engine was disconnected and lifted out at a shipyard using their crane, and then the crane lowered in the new NEB-25 motor and its 10 kWh battery pack into the vessel.…

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