Electric Propulsion Systems For Sailboats

Electric Motor Replacements for Diesel Engines up to 30 HP


A direct drop-in electric propulsion system for replacing diesel engines.

The pictures to the right show a model overlay of a 20 HP diesel engine and our 34 HP electric motor.  The 34 HP electric motor fits entirely within the envelope of a 20 HP (and also the 30 HP) diesel motor.

This provides a clear illustration of why you can be confident that when you remove your diesel engine, the electric motor will fit, without obstruction.

Every installation is a little different, such as sometimes the shaft length or a motor mount needs to be adjusted slightly.  Our motor assembly has been carefully designed to accommodate these kinds of adjustments.  

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Electric Inboard Sailboat Motor

Safety and ease of installation are two of the most important features of our system.

All Newport systems use 48 volts, primarily for safety purposes, but this also makes maintenance and interfacing with other systems onboard easier. 

Our motors drop into the sailboat in the exact same space as the original diesel engine occupied. It gets mounted to the same motor mounts, and couples to the propeller shaft in the same way as the original diesel did. This simplifies the installation and will be familiar to anyone accustomed to working with boat motors.

Two sizes are currently available, the Newport-20 and the Newport-34.

Our system has been designed specifically to provide a straightforward path for migrating sailboats that were originally equipped with a diesel engine between 20 to 35 HP, to go electric.

Newport Electric Boats Systems Include:

  • Motor assembly (either 20HP or 34HP) with mounting hardware for hull and coupler to the propeller shaft.
  • Electric components, including 7" display(s), system wiring, breaker box, and key switch.
  • Battery pack (Lithium-ion, LiFePO4). Sizes range; the standard is 10Kwh with an integrated battery management system (BMS).
  • A 1200-watt battery charger
  • Product documentation
  • Example installation plan with layout and wiring diagrams
  • Customer support via phone and email
Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 9.32.51 AM

Power efficiency and performance are two other key features of our system.

We use an AC induction motor to maximize energy use. Our motor incorporates a specialized gearbox engineered to provide safe and reliable torque conversion between the motor and propeller. This allows the electric motor to run at optimal speeds while keeping the propeller in the RPM range best suited for pushing the boat.

The battery pack BMS, the motor controller, and the battery charger all communicate to a dedicated display. Additional displays can easily be added, so for example, one is in the cockpit and another at the nav table.

Among other things, the display will always show:

  • Time To Discharge (TTD)
  • Motor RPM
  • Battery State of Charge (SoC)
  • Current (amps) in/out of the battery pack
  • Temperatures: motor, controller, battery