Newport Electric Boats, LLC is a startup company, developing next generation solutions for electric sailboats.

It's early days for us, and we continuously inventing and reinventing our products and growing our operations to become a leader in our industry.  We want to provide the most value to our customers, and make a great work environment for our employees.

Our headquarters is in Costa Mesa California, where we have a small office and a 750 sq-ft workshop. We keep a 33 foot sailboat in Long Beach, which serves as our test vessel as well as our show boat. The company’s founder and CEO, is an experienced sailor, engineer, product manager and entrepreneur.

Our goals include growing the business to greatly expand the use of electric propulsion within the industry, and to grow the company to be an industry leader, where talented individuals work together to design, build, test, sell, and support high quality products and services.

Mechanical Engineer (Contract):

Job Description:

The mechanical engineer develops and maintains our latest mechanical models and product designs for our electric propulsion systems.  Working with 3D modeling tools (Solidworks or Fusion 360), this person produces complex mechanical systems for marine propulsion systems.  This job requires the ability to create new mechanical designs from sheet metal fabrication, and CNC machining operations. The work involves the ability to select (or develop) gears, select bearings and other off the shelf components based on mechanical loads of thrust and torque.

Development of hierarchical solid model assemblies that fit together and work as intended.  Part of needed skills include calculating tolerance stack-up of multiple fabricated parts, assembling and performing fit checks of prototype and production parts that have been fabricated according to print.  Producing 2D drawings and Assembly drawings as required to document the system design.

Version control is a critical part of the job, including maintaining 2D prints and their 3D models, as well as marking fabricated parts with identification codes for use in final assemblies.


Desired skills include:

  • Solidworks
  • Fusion 360

Job Type:

  • Contract
  • Corp-to-Corp


Project based, per assignment


  • Solid Modeling: 4 years (Minimum)
  • Producing 2D Drawings and Prints for part specifications (4 years)

Work Locations: Multiple Locations (including remote)

Send resume and cover letter to jobs@NewportElectricBoats.com