Our Mission is Simple:  Help make Sailing Clean and Green

Sailboats that were originally outfitted with a diesel engine, now have a simple and straightforward path to transitioning to a Clean, Quiet, Odorless, and Powerful Electric Drive System.

Sailing with clean energy

Electric motors are clean, quiet and maintenance free.  They don't pollute, they don't smell, they run more quietly than combustion engines, and they provide instantaneous thrust.  This is because the motor is controlled electrically, which is ideal for maneuvering, and especially for docking.

Larger sailboats need their propellers to produce controlled thrust when docking, maneuvering in marinas and harbors, and other times when the boat thrust and setting the sails isn't really practical or convenient.

Currently, most sailboats 30' or longer use a diesel-powered engine to achieve this thrust, and historically, a diesel or gasoline was the only practical solution.

However today, it is very practical for sailboat to use electric propulsion.  Not just for maneuvering, but for longer term propulsion, when the wind is low and motoring or motor-sailing is needed for 4-6 hours at a time, per 10 kWh battery bank.

Sailing electric adds to the fun of sailing.  The cockpit computer displays power usage and speed continuously, and minimizing battery power usage and maximizing speed becomes a goal that is easy to achieve.  Also motor sailing becomes a standard way to sail on longer journeys, and power regeneration occurs automatically, when using prop-dragging while sailing in strong winds.

Electric Propulsion is a Clean way to sail. :

  • Sailboats are in service for decades, and often-times emit significant pollution through their exhaust
  • Diesel engines leak oil, fuel, and toxic exhaust through the “wet exhaust system” which literally filters the engine exhaust through the water
  • Environmental emission checks aren’t required for recreational boats, so sailboats with diesel engines can add significantly to marine environmental pollution
Electric Motors for Boats

Older sailboats have a clear and practical path to convert from diesel to electric propulsion. 

Unlike power yachts, sailboats are not completly dependent on their propeller for long-haul propulsion, they can use thier sails for that. And when the wind is light or not around at all, electric propulsion will keep your sailboat moving.

Like every other resource on a sailboat, your battery power needs to be monitored and managed as part of the sailing journey.  Weekend trips, coastal cruising, and day sailing near marinas allows for eco-friendly sailing while producing zero emissions  with clean and quiet propulsion.

Our Electric Vessel Monitoring System (EVMS) adds to the fun of sailing electric.  Among other things, the system lets you review past jorneys, looking at things like battery charge levels, the speeds traved, and the motor power used at each point along the way.  For example, below are a few screen shots of a sailing trip taken in April 2022, from Newport Beach, CA to Long Beach CA.

trip picture showing battery state of charge
trip journey showing speed

A direct drop-in replacement for diesel engines.

The pictures to the right show a model overlay of a 20 HP diesel engine and our 34 HP electric motor.  The 34 HP electric motor fits entirely within the envelope of a 20 HP (and also the 30 HP) diesel motor.

This provides a clear illustration of why you can be confident that when you remove your diesel engine, the electric motor will fit, without obstruction.

Every installation is a little different, such as sometimes the shaft length or a motor mount needs to be adjusted slightly.  Our motor assembly has been carefully designed to accommodate these kinds of adjustments.  

Contact us today, and let's discuss your particular conversion. 


The gearbox delivers torque instantly, reliably, and helps make the system maintenance free.

Our gearbox has been engineered to enable the electric motor to run in its optimal RPM range while delivering instant torque at the correct RPMs for the propeller. This enables a robust, powerful system design, and greatly simplifies installation. 

There are very few moving parts in our system. Of the few parts that move, our gearbox has been engineered for the task, using high strength steel gears and high-performance bearings, it provides hassle-free, safe, and reliable torque conversion between the motor to the propeller.

NEB.Motors Gearbox

Safety, reliability, performance, and ease of installation is our focus, for ZERO EMISSIONS sailing.  

Ongoing product testing and improvements are being integrated into our designs continuously.  We're on a mission to help transition sailboats that were originally outfitted with diesel engines to join the eco-friendly experience of sailing electric. 

Call today, to get a quote on going electric.