Additional 51.2 Volt 10kWh (210 Ah) LFP Battery Pack


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The pack is made up of 48 CALB LiFePO4 CAM72 battery cells, an Orion BMS, a specialized mounting frame and wire harness. The nominal voltage of the pack is 51.2 Volts.

This pack is 230 LBS, and is 32 x 15 x 11 (L x W x H).

The integrated BMS monitors pack parameters including individual cell voltages, pack voltage, pack temperatures, and pack current.  The BMS provides safety limits for over current protection, over and under voltage protection, and other limits. The BMS performs cell balancing, and communicates to the EVMS, Motor Controller, and battery charger to regulate current levels.  Every BMS is pre-programmed and tested to work in Newport systems, and no end user programming is needed.

These battery packs are sold to increase system battery capacity only. They are not sold alone, as an add on to an existing motor or motor package order.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

*NOTE: These LiFePO4 batteries will last over 3000 cycles if staying within an 80% DOD, (lasting well over eight years if cycled every single day).  While there is a higher up-front cost for these battery packs, the cost per kilowatt hour is dramatically less than that of AGM or SLA.


Additional information

Weight 220 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 15 × 11 in