Victron Energy – Quattro 48/3000/35 with Cerbo GX and Touch 50 Bundle




This is the bundle of Victron Energy parts and equipment we recommend to integrate with all Newport propulsion systems.

There are three separate components in this bundle:

  1. Quattro 48/3000  –  Charger/Inverter
  2. Cerbo GX  –  Communication Hub
  3. Touch 50  –  5″ Touchscreen Display

We bundle these together into a single shopping cart item, because we like to use and recommend these three parts together, and they have been integrated and tested with Newport propulsion system.  They are known to work very well, reliably, and we have documentation explaining their integration with the Newport equipment.

Newport is an authorized distributor for Victron Energy, and we support their products along with our own.

NOTE: The Quattro comes in multiple power ratings.  We can also provide 48/5000, Quattro 48/7000, and larger upon request.  Contact us with questions if you are concerned the 48/3000 VA unit is too small for your particular installation.


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